Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour has many faces. He is known to many as an ethnographer of the world of everyday technology who in meticulous studies has shown how seemingly trivial things, like a key or a safety belt, actively intervene in our behavior. Others know Latour as an essayist very well versed in theory who charged the philosophers of postmodernity—principally Lyotard and Baudrillard but also Barthes, Lacan, and Derrida—that their thinking merely revolves around artificial sign-worlds and who confronted them with the provocative assertion that “we have never been modern.”1

Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and John Law are attributed to the development of Actant-Network Theory


Bruno Latour in Pieces: An Intellectual Biography
Henning Schmidgen
Translated by Gloria Custance
Series: Forms of Living
Published by: Fordham University Press